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11th-Jul-2016 08:56 pm - The Legend rides off into the sunset

After 19 years, 5 championships and being MVP twice, Tim Duncan is retiring from the San Antonio Spurs. I grew up watching Michael Jordan and him. It's the ending of a chapter. One of the best players ever. And not like King James or the grand farewell tour of Kobe Byran, Duncan did what he does, quiet and humbly retired without any fanfare or earthshaking drama.

All knew the day was coming and it was great to see him and Robbins start the beginning of  dynasty, see that form into the Trio of Duncan, Ginoblie and Parker and seeing torch pass to Green, Leonard, Diaw and LaMarcus. Staying with a team this long, being a foundation piece and his stats alone make a great player. But his quiet personal life that you never hear about constantly in the news and jsut seeing him smile on court makes you cheer and gasp, makes you realize that there won't be another one like him.

Wish him all the best off-court and who knows, seeing the tradition of other retired players still attend the games in San Antonio, we might see him cheering with the rest of us :)
19th-Jan-2016 08:40 pm - cause its Tuesday
and it was a busy, crazy day...

'nuff said.
18th-Jan-2016 07:58 pm - Evercon 2016
So this weekend in WI, there was EVERCON

Went there for the first time.

It's mostly a gaming and RPG convention in central WI. But I gotta give the high schools kids were its held at props. They organize it all and get volunteers to help pull it all go together. I guess too most of the procedures go back and they donate to local charaties around town.

You got tornaments for games ranging from board games to video games, to chess and RPG going on. Then there was a local medieval group giving demonstrations on fighting and how to join their organization.

Vendors lined the halls, where people were selling crafts, their art, or anime goodies.
And two of the special guests were Frank Mentzer, whose involved with Dungeons and Dragons. Now I know pretty much nothing about it, but when he was with Tim Seeley and the they two shared a meet and greet, it was nice to listen to him and how he started at a time with typewriters to this crazy day n age where you just send files thru air drop.

But the big reason I went was for Tim Seeley. He's a comic book and writer. I know from his contributions to the DC GRAYSON series. Which is a fun, good ol' time series that explores Dick Grayson. He's also worked in Marvel and has his own series Revival, which I might need to check out now.

The panal was good and both men were funny, telling stories and giving good advice. It was glad to see that the negative and single digits didn't scare them away. Then again, they're both from WI too :)

So that was my adventure this week. Totally unplanned, but those turn out to be the best. And I get to add something more to my autograph collection.
6th-Jan-2016 10:31 pm - Once upon a time in Gotham

Yep. I saw it, watched all 13 Episodes on the CW seed....

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1st-Jan-2016 05:50 pm - Thank the Internet Gods
I just found this awesome gem:


So of course spoilers a little for Star Wars Force Awakens. But Luke having his own Twitter account, YES Please :)

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31st-Dec-2015 11:02 pm - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
May however you ring in the new year bring you great tidings of awesome.

For me, nothing like a Twilight Zone Marathon to bring you into the next year. Poor Lagertha (she's from the show Vikings) probably wishes she was in the Great Hall, having fun with the boys.

25th-Dec-2015 04:26 pm - MERRY CHRISTMAS!
21st-Dec-2015 01:00 pm - crawling in my SW-LOTR hood
So I saw a little movie that came out called Star Wars yesterday.
I finally came to a place of letting go that Disney owened it, that the Extended Universe I explored and loved was no longer canon. (Keep thinking that its like DC, with the movies vs comics vs cartoons verse)

All I wanted was Han and Leia to be together. That was all I asked for, as I went and saw it with the lowest of low expectations and have been avoiding spoilers like the plague.

Good movie. I enjoyed it, it was fun. Kept having vibes of New Hope. I smiled, I laughed...Gonna have to see it again cause I had a bad spot way up front on the side in the theater. Last few places left.

Then something happened and I found myself shedding tears and going through the 5 stages of fangirl grief once again. You probably know which one...

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